How can something be experienced as beautiful, and at the same time cause so much damage? A dam is at the same time a destructive force, as it is an object that can save human lives. 
Dams contribute to flood protection, energy supply and water security. Flood is amongst the costliest natural disasters. Globally, flood risk is projected to increase in the future, driven by climate change and population growth. 
A recent study exposes the role of dams for mitigating flood risk under climate change. To maintain the levels of flood protection that dams have provided, new dam operations will be required to offset the effect of climate change, possibly negatively affecting energy production and water storage. 
On the other hand: dams pose a large threat to freshwater biodiversity, because of habitat fragmentation. Dams are also clogging the world’s rivers and change the face of the earth. Currently, about half of major river systems worldwide are regulated by dams and more than 3.700 major dams are planned or under construction.
Dams also have displaced more than 80 million people, with 23 million alone in China. They are also known to put human rights at risk. Most dams that displace large populations are being built by authoritarian governments. Dam builders have often responded to opposition with serious human rights violations. 
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